The Australian waitress fearlessly pulled out of the cafe six-foot monitor lizard

A brave employee of Australian cafes by the tail and pulled the two-meter lizard basking in the sun between the tables.

The visitor café Samia Leela thought at first that lies next to her dog and not paying attention. And later, realizing that this is a huge lizard shouted, according to М

In turn, the waitress said she wasn’t scared, she loves lizards and so was delighted.

In the video, the girl grabbed the lizard by the tail and started to pull through the entire restaurant to the exit.

We will remind, in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania cat named baby made friends with a bearded lizard Charles. According to the owner of the animal Cheyenn March, she was worried that her students will find common language and will not be able to live in the same house. However, they become friends and spend a lot of time together.