The city Council supported the petition for recognition of street cats part of the ecosystem of the city

The Commission for housing has supported a petition to recognize the stray cats part of the urban ecosystem and provide them necessary protection.

This is stated in the press service of the city Council.

The authors of the Victoria kiriluk noted that in the capital there is a terrible tendency to increase the number of cases zamurovannye cats in basements of residential buildings.

“To protect animals from such cruel treatment, it is necessary to admit the outdoor cats part of the ecosystem of the city of Kiev and to prevent their wanton capture and killing,” notes the author of the petition.

According to her, should also allow the cat to live freely and move around in basements, attics and other places of their permanent residence, since they perform a very important function of natural deratization – destruction of rodents.

On the Commission on questions housing and communal services deputies also heard an alternative point of view of the inhabitants of the Dnieper region. Representatives of several housing cooperatives against stray animals lived freely on the roofs and in the cellars, after all, can be carriers of several dangerous diseases and can provoke allergic reactions.

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“We live in a big city. Someone speaks for, who against. We need to always look for compromises and find solutions that would satisfy both sides. All the issues that happen in the city, extremely important. And if a community of a particular petition, we can’t stay away. Therefore, the relevant Committee should consider the appeal on the recognition of the cats part of the ecosystem of Kiev and outline a plan of action,” – said the Kiev mayor Vitali Klitschko.

However, the permanent Commission of the Kyiv city Council supported the electronic application and asked the KSCA to develop a coherent implementation programme of the petition. To present it has been a month. Also your conclusion needs to provide specialists for compliance with health standards.

Recall petition “to Admit the outdoor cats part of the ecosystem of the city of Kiev, to allow them to live freely in basements, attics and other places of their permanent residence and to destroy rodents” scored 10117 votes and was accepted.