From Svetlodarsk arc deploys forces Russian special forces in complete secrecy serves sabotage — Tymchuk

In several parts of the front line marked the emergence of intelligence units of 20-25 people of GRU GSH of Russian armed forces, divided into groups (DRGs) for 5-6 people.

We are talking about the area from Starognatovki to Dokuchaevsk, Telmanovo district, opposite MSU, on the left flank Svetlodarsk arc from the Trinity to the Seating arrangements. About this on his page in Facebook said the coordinator of group “Information resistance” Dmitry Tymchuk.

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“Well equipped, disciplined, advanced “work” visits, all move — in the situation of maximum possible secrecy (hiding the face, no differences, call each other solely on the call sign and numbers)”, — Tymchuk reported.

He also noted that the district perform tasks on the frontline scouts arrive in their own vehicles.

With “local” command and militants communicate only on business, with special interest in the ways of infiltration in the next tactical rear of the Ukrainian troops (very carefully and discreetly studying the forefront on several sites), used for reconnaissance of a wide Arsenal of technical means (radar and portable means of signals intelligence).

“On a number of grounds, these DRGs are preparing a number of “high-profile” acts of sabotage against Ukrainian armed forces units on the front lines in tactical rear. Judging by the popular commanders of these groups of information, special attention will be to use the KP and PU Ukrainian troops, munitions and fuels and lubricants, base camp, Parking of military equipment, a possible “hunting” on private military chiefs of anti-terrorist operation forces”, — Tymchuk warned.

Recall that in the area ATO militants continue to unilaterally violate any agreement. For the last days in General there were 59 attacks. A Ukrainian military wounded.