Lavrov believes that odious writer Prilepin “wants to help Ukraine to establish a life”

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov believes that odious Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin is committed to “help the Ukrainian government to establish a normal life.”

About it reports Radio Freedom.

According to Lavrov, in Ukraine receive threats to Russian citizens “who want to help the Ukrainian government to establish a normal life.” As an example, Lavrov cited Prilepin.

Lavrov said that Ukraine refused to issue a statement of the United Nations in connection with the death of the Russian representative Vitaly Churkin. The head of the Russian foreign Ministry stressed that to do so “not Christian”.

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Peskov declined to comment on the statements Prilepin about the conquest of militants all over Ukraine

We will remind, the SBU opened a case against Russian writer Prilba who wants to capture Ukraine. According to kicker, the main goal – the conquest of Ukraine. According to the press Secretary of the SBU, the pre-trial investigation is conducted under part 1 of article 258-3 (participation in activities of a terrorist organization) and part 1 of article 258-5 (financing of terrorism) of the Criminal code.

Prilepin supposedly created on their own initiative the division, which, in particular, is going to conquer all of Ukraine. According to him, 90 percent of his battalion, “the men that fought” and allegedly the majority of “local”.

“I knew where to get these people. And we could, of course, to provide people much more. But said need a battalion. Gathered battalion. Now in Russia from among the companions and foremost is: you guys can take us, we want, we get. Comrades in various former political and parapolitical activity a huge number,” – says the latter-day Thriller.