The Kremlin responded to rumors of a new presidential term of Putin

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that while he did not make any statements about his participation in the presidential elections of 2018.

This was reported by press Secretary President Dmitry Peskov, Interfax reports.

“President Putin himself has repeatedly said that it was premature to make any electoral statements, any statements he still did,” he said, commenting on the publication that Putin will participate in the elections of 2018, and this will be his last presidential campaign.

According to Peskov, Putin’s election campaign has not started yet.

“While there is still sufficient time before the start of the electoral campaign, yet the agenda of the other”, – said the representative of the President.

Earlier, RBK, citing two Federal officials said that preparations for the presidential elections of 2018 is underway in the Kremlin with the expectation of participation in them of Putin. The official said that all “based on the fact that the boss (Putin) will go to the polls and understand that this will be his last term.”

According to him, nothing to change for themselves to stay and after 2024, Putin will not. Another interviewee also stated that he has no doubt that Putin will take part in the elections.

Recall Pskov hinted at future plans of the Kremlin. Regarding the upcoming presidential elections in Russia, Peskov made clear that Putin will go for a new term. He could not clearly answer the question of the journalist will be allowed Alexei Navalny to participate in elections of the President of the Russian Federation in 2018.