Zakharchenko told about the secret plan of the President to settle the Donbass Berkut

Ex-President Viktor Yanukovych after the bloody events on Euromaidan planned together with the security forces to move to the Donbass.

This was stated by former interior Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, Vitaly Zakharchenko in the air of the Russian TV channel “Russia 1”.

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According to the former Minister, after his ouster, Yanukovych is in Kiev. They agreed on the withdrawal of Donbass security forces during the bloody events on the Maidan were in the center of Kiev.

“We had this arrangement: I was nominated in the Donbass, provide logistics for all who will be there displayed. Displays troops commander of the Internal troops… I knew that the soldiers will take revenge. We have understood that we have a legitimate President Yanukovych, who will arrive at the Donbass and Donbass are the troops. We provide the constitutionally elected President and lead further negotiations,” recalled wise.

He added that no doubt the neglect of implementation signed with the then opposition of the protocols.

“Yanukovych is realized when flying from Kiev to Kharkiv and from Kharkiv to Donetsk,” added the former Minister.

The fugitive also said that on 21 February 2014 with Yanukovych on the phone discussing the order of withdrawal of troops in the Donbass and the manner of his departure to Donbass.

We will remind, earlier Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that to prosecute the persons who arranged the murders on the Maidan three years ago, will begin after clarification of the law on in absentia convictions.

Today, the document is in Parliament.