In political circles talking about the future of the “opposition bloc” in the context of the new Firtash’s arrest

51-year-old oligarch Dmitry Firtash for three years, forced to is out of Ukraine, because here it has threatened to arrest the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. But in Prosecutor’s office of the existence of criminal proceedings against the oligarch denied, according to a story TSN.19:30.

First Firtash’s arrest occurred in March 2014-year – in three weeks after the Revolution of Dignity drove Viktor Yanukovych out of the country. Austrian police arrested a businessman near his office in Vienna at the request of the United States. America has accused Firtash in bribes in excess of $ 18 million – ostensibly the money was intended Indian officials for the development of titanium deposits. Americans also suspect a wealthy Ukrainian in cooperation with the Russian mafia. But the Austrian court then refused to extradite the oligarch to American justice, and for Firtash made unheard-of for Europeans, the bail of 125 million euros, the Russian rich man from the entourage of Vladimir Putin. The oligarch was released under house arrest in Austria and got back my passport.