Death passed by: the Australia great white shark swam in a meter from the surfer

A drone captured the unique footage as great white shark swam to the surfer when he was dangling his feet in the water on the submitted lineup, waiting for the next wave.

The video was filmed in the South-East of Australia, reports the Daily mail.

The footage of the video shows how great white shark swam just metres away from unsuspecting servingas. The young man calmly swinging her legs in the water and waited for the next wave in the moment when he was approached by a deadly predator. However, the shark did not attack the surfer and swam away.

It is noted that, starting in 2014, in the area there were 11 shark attacks. Two of the attacks were fatal.

We will remind, in Australia, a surfer lost part of his leg after a meeting with a shark. 29-year-old boy is in hospital in critical condition.

A shark attacked him on the beach. Witnesses said the surfer disappeared.

Within minutes, the friends pulled him from the water in a terrible state. The predator has bitten off a man cut legs. People were provided emergency aid to the victim until medics arrive.