Subsidized sex. In Sweden offered to provide officials paid break for sex

The Deputy of the city Council of the city of Overtornea that in Sweden, offered to provide employees a weekly hour paid break, during which they could go home and have sex.

42-year-old MP, Per-Erik Muskos sure that “the right to subsidized sex” will improve the demographic situation in the city, will help to strengthen marriages and improve the morale of officials, BBC reports citing the New York Times.

“We must promote childbirth. I believe that sex is in short supply. Everyday life is full of stress, home – children. This could be an opportunity for couples to spend time together, only for each other,” says Muskos.

Initiative Muscosa hit the headlines in the Swedish and world media, someone in the MP, others laugh. Sexologist Malin Hansson generally would introduce a break in the entire country.

At the same time, the sociologist Lotta the Delval considers “meaningless” sex is necessary for employees. A colleague Muscosa, Thomas Wedestig is concerned that this proposal puts people at a disadvantage, because someone of the officials may not have sexual partners, some just don’t want this, and some may have medical contraindications.

“I don’t think it is the business of employer to tell employee to go home for an hour and make some kids. I spoke with several old gentlemen who said that one hour is not enough for them,” says Wedestig.

Note that sex in the workplace is risky. For example in Britain, one of the visitors of the pizzeria took video oftwo members of the staff have sex. Video came not only in the social network, but also to the Prosecutor, which was to examine whether there has been misconduct in the school catering.