In the center of Kiev declared the Church a place to build an office center

Close to Chkalova Park in the capital, began construction of a 12-story office center, opposed by local residents. They’re outraged that the new building will be located close to a century the Institute of Geology, kindergarten and residential buildings, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Residents of the area say that it is about the destruction of the city centre and create a danger to the structures of existing buildings. At the Institute of Geology is already full of cracks, but it is the customer of construction organizations need to allocate part of the future of modern offices and even repaired the old one. Through chronic underfunding, they say, there was no other way – so that the land was leased for 50 years, and in 2003 its decision, this was confirmed by the national Academy of Sciences.

But in the culture saying that the building permit did not see, and held of the work is already clearly violating the rules of the buffer zone of historical monuments. But the developer, LLC “Delivert” uses the previously received documents and refutes claims to the construction. More interesting information is provided in the KSCA: in his documents, at the address agreed on the construction of the temple, but not the office center. Therefore, most likely, now the fate of the construction site will be resolved by the court.

The TSN reporter Tatiana Fruit