Our song is good. Seven musical compositions TSN.ia, who conquered network users

On the wave of popularity of comic video with music to appeal to the US President, TSN.ia decided to remember, and his other “hits”. The following seven songs along with the visuals scored a total of on Facebook and YouTube over 2 million views.

Let’s start, again, with “Ukraine welcomes Trump” – a song parody to Donald trump that night listened to almost 300 thousand users. Please read more about it here.

Two months earlier, a week before the New year, we created a song and a clip from fragments 11 holiday greetings from all five of the presidents of Ukraine, forcing the guarantors to sing along to traditional Christmas music.

The next track is a cover of a song from the film “Moscow does not believe in tears”. For this legendary tune, we created a satirical clip about the controversial declarations of Ukrainian politicians.

Prior to that, under our hot hands got the infamous former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, who periodically reminds of itself through the Russian media. Somehow in one of the promotional subjects of the Russian TV, he acted as “expert of the Ukrainian language”. Then we remembered the funniest speech of Azarov. Strangely enough, his “Ukrainian” almost perfectly lay on the iconic bits of the rapper Eminem.

Next song dedicated to Jamal and her magical victory at the Eurovision song contest in 2016. The final speech of people’s artist before the encores, especially a loud “Thank you Europe! Welcome to Ukraine!” – sounds great under the iconic music of the band “Scooter”. By the way, most Jamal song too much like video.

At least once a year, at least for the Christmas holidays, every Ukrainian and the whole world enjoyed listening to “Shchedryk”. In a generous evening-2017 we connected a single video, hit eight performances this holiday ringtones – from traditional musical instruments, and plastic tubes, basketballs, bottles and glasses.

And finally, experiment with well-known songs: combination of seven Ukrainian songs and world hits. Try them to know. If not quite impossible, that there is videopodcast.