The water in the plant is supplied in the normal mode

Water to the population of the Town served in a regular mode, according to a story TSN 16:45.

Avdiivka, several districts of Donetsk and Yasinovataya – was again without water, as the night came under fire from the Donetsk filtering station. A shell had damaged the roof and chloroplast. The work of the filter plant was stopped, personnel were evacuated. However, the ecological disaster has not yet occurred, because a broken haraprasad was actually empty.

The company “Water of Donbass” reported that the Donetsk filtering station near the Town for two days is in the zone of heavy shelling.

“That night shells fell in the most dangerous technical installations – the storage of chlorine and chlorobromo. Large-scale ecological disaster in this time did not happen. Broken chloroplast was almost empty, and stocks of chlorine does not hurt”, – assured the Deputy Minister of Minatomachi Georgy Tuka.

According to him, the shelling damaged the pipeline, which is supplied from the chlorine storage tanks. The tanks themselves are intact, but a small amount of chlorine in a gaseous form, which was at that time in the pipeline, hit the air.

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None of the employees of a sewage treatment plant was not damaged, people evacuated to shelters. However, the station itself was destroyed. Eight of the shells which fell on its territory, damaged filters, tanks with clean water and industrial buildings. Haraprasad already been fixed, a small amount of chlorine that was there, vanished without harm to the environment. Due to the stop filter plant without water remained residents of Avdiivka, as well as parts of Donetsk and under the control of militants Yasinovataya. In Avdiivka local water utility supplies water in emergency mode from a standby capacity.

In turn, head of the ACV of the city of Avdeevka Pavel Malykhin noted that water is supplied.

“The pressure of 1 and 8 it allows feeding by gravity to the second floor. From 16 to 22 hours will include a pump and will supply water in all the flats. The only problem may be in the upper streets of the old Town that there may be pressure not to finish. But there we will deliver tomorrow’s drinking water,” he said.

Donetsk filtration station is located in the so-called gray zone, and provides the settlements on either side of the line of contact. When it can resume its work, not yet reported. The Ukrainian side insists on the demilitarization of the area where the important man-made structure, but to no avail.