Direct talks: the Syrian government and the opposition to discuss the fate of the country at the same table

In Geneva with the support of the United Nations began talks on Syria between the government and the opposition.

About it reports Reuters.

The Syrian government and the opposition sit at the same table in the framework of the opening ceremony of the negotiations. Their goal is to end the war in Syria, which lasted almost 6 years.

But hopes for a “Geneva IV”, medusirena the fourth round of talks mediated by the UN, are not too high.

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Recall, 20 February 2016 in Geneva, an agreement was reached on a cease-fire in Syria. On 26 February the UN security Council unanimously adopted a resolution demanding that all parties to the war in Syria adhered to the truce. The cease-fire in Syria began at midnight on February 27. However, after the announcement of a truce in Syria military aircraft carried out the strikes in six cities in the West of the province of Aleppo.

The civil war in Syria began in 2011, and for five years has claimed the lives of more than 270 thousand people. Several million Syrians have become refugees – the largest number of immigrants from war-torn countries found shelter in Turkey and Lebanon.

During the war a large area of Syria seized by militants of the “Islamic state” – they, as well as terrorists from the “Front EN-Nusra” are not parties to the truce. In addition, separate areas are under the control of Bashar al-Assad, the opposition and the Kurds.