In Argentina, the passionate, the cops ignored the call, having sex in patrol car

In Argentina, two police officers were shot on video in the moment when they had sex in the patrol car during the service.

Thus, they ignored the message about the robbery, reports the Mirror.

In addition, the Network had released a video in which you hear a radio message to employees who were employed intima.

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It is noted that she first paused in the satisfaction of sexual needs of his partner and listened to the call to go to the scene, but later she returned to business and her partner lifted up his shirt.

In turn, first the couple had faced a disciplinary inquiry, but after the publication in the Network of sex where you can see the badge of the police, they were released.

“We condemn this highly offensive incident for the people of this province, given that we are dealing with government officials in the performance of official duties, which have to protect the life and safety of our people”, – stated in the Ministry of security.

Earlier, the police of Paraguay received an extraordinary video in which a half-naked couple in a candid pose goes highway on a motorcycle. The video shows that the woman is lying on the gas tank, her skirt raised and legs cover the body of a man. According to witnesses, the pair had sex while driving.