From Kiev can escape the penalty for the manufacture of substitute vodka from the Russian “Hawthorn”

Special was the last batch seized in Kiev surrogate alcohol. Police found a clandestine workshop for the production of “vodka” based on the notorious Russian “Hawthorn”, says the story TSN.19:30.

Cosmetic from Russia to primitive conditions was diluted with water and Packed in containers without labels or with the name “Wheat”. All were brought from Russia of 4,5 thousand litres of the raw materials. On suspicion in production of surrogate detained 36-the summer inhabitant of Kiev, who works as a Builder, and the production workshop arranged in your garage. “On the external signs very similar to the one in Irkutsk, killing people,” describe what he saw of the capacity of Russian law enforcement. Products from Kiev sold in the Metropolitan area and had a lot of revenue: product cost 50 UAH the price of sale amounted to more than UAH 300.

In the autumn of last year the Ukraine has stirred up mass alcohol poisoning. In early October, recorded more than 50 deaths. The reason was the contents in the bottle of methyl alcohol. But from nastoenie hawthorn has suffered the Russians -123 poisoned and 77 people after a feast of vodka left at the light. The degree of punishment Kyiv businessman depends on examination of the fluid. The main question investigators – if she carries a mortal threat for internal use. In the best case, the suspect will get off with a fine, at worst, going to jail for 10 years.

The TSN reporter Anton Strashko