Suicidal “blue pillars”: security forces detained two administrators “groups of death” in social networks

Ukrainian law enforcers detained two administrators suicidal groups in social networks.

About it Gromadsky Chairman of the National police of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev. “They testify that experimented with people’s minds”, – said the head Nacpac.

He said that measures are being taken to detention and interrogation of the admins of the group “blue whales” and “pink fairies”.

“Conducted searches and gathered evidence,” concluded the Prince.

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“Blue whales”: the Ombudsman called on the Netpolicy not to disclose the names of the children of the “group of death”

We will remind that earlier two of second-year students from Transnistria initiated the online game “White bear”, which is the complete opposite of the deadly game, “the Blue whale”.

The project developers have created a community in social network Vkontakte.

In the game you need to perform 50 tasks, such as cleaning the house or showing pictures of the diary with a positive rating.

The authors of the game believe that after all the task relations of the players with their families will improve dramatically.

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How to protect your child from the “Blue whale”. Tips cyber police to counter the groups of death

Recall that the”group of death” – a community concentrated primarily in the network Vkontakte, designed for teenagers. It begins with the fact that their administrators give team members the traumatic tasks – for example, deliberately cut his arm with a razor blade, filmed it all on video. The ultimate goal of the “game” is to bring the child to commit suicide, which she also needs to capture on camera. For the first time about the “group of death” like the Blue whale communities, Quiet house, Wake me at 4:20 talking back in may of last year in Russia.

Then the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta published a major investigation, which described the principle of operation of such communities. They are usually United by a common symbolism is whales. The symbol chosen by chance, because whales are one of the few mammals that are unable to take their own life, voluntarily jumping ashore.

The cyber-police also published a list of Ukrainian teenagers, who are registered in these groups.