Avakov said, is it possible to disperse the blockade of Donbass and the future of the resolution of the Cabinet

At the next meeting of the Cabinet resolution will be adopted, which will regulate the exchange of goods (trade) of Ukraine with the occupied part of Donbass. Activists and Volunteers have a month block and a separate rail road track, which Ukraine is experiencing a significant shortage of anthracite coal for the smooth operation of the power system.

“I never hid its position in this matter, has repeatedly and publicly expressed these days including. The question of the need to resolve the relationship of trade with the occupied territories is a necessity. It was an appropriate decision of the Council that we have settled this issue and given appropriate instructions and the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers for a long time preparing one of the services – security Service, and another service of the Cabinet of Ministers. So long that the part of society there is this questions and suspicions. As far as I know, at the next Cabinet meeting will be submitted a draft decree which regulates this exchange,” – said the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov in an exclusive interview with the program TSN.Week.

Now most of the exchanges with the occupied Donbass regulated by a special decree of the Antiterrorist center, “for some of the smartest, so to speak, in quotes, and very smart entrepreneurs is a secondary document, which can be circumvented,” said Avakov.

“Is it necessary to prohibit the flow of goods? Yes, I believe that we need to ban it in full with the exception, as I say, of critical import. Well, it’s literally not import because an occupied territory – it’s still Ukrainian territory. But, we will call for simplicity “critical imports” which only applies to thermal coal only and intermediate products of metallurgy to ensure that the plants worked. At the underside and can be equipment, not the equipment, and repair parts dobychnogo mining equipment and mine elevators and perhaps retaining material. Here I am not an expert. These four or five positions that we need to address. Everything else should be banned. This is my opinion, as it should be. But this can not be done through the sailor Zheleznyak, who also makes his political career. I don’t perceive it in any case”, – said the Minister.

Avakov says that the crackdown blockade of trade with the occupied Donbass will not.

“Neither the police nor the national guard, none of the law enforcement agencies not proceeded from the fact that we want to disperse it by force. I want to know what is really happening, and everyone did their job. The government has taken a decision – a very clear legislative regulation. Experts, journalists showed it to, commented on, criticized. And then everything begins to work on. The smugglers “are in the garden.” Those who, so to speak, played on these schemes, “go into the garden”. Large enterprises that pay taxes, work using the mechanism of “critical imports” of which I spoke. And it then working,” – said the Minister.

The full interview with Arsen Avakov read on Tsna on this link.