The US state Department condemned the attack Pro-Russian militants on OSCE observers

United States of America has condemned attack of fighters of “DNR” observers special monitoring mission of the OSCE.

“We condemn the shooting in the direction of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE and capture the SMM unmanned aerial vehicle combined Russian-separatist forces,” reads the statement of the state Department.

The United States urged Russia separatists, which it supports, to immediately cease fire, to withdraw all heavy weapons and to ensure full and unimpeded access for OSCE observers.

Also, the state Department called it very important that the fighters stopped their attacks on the civilian infrastructure, including at the Donetsk filter station.

Recall, 24 February, the militants of illegal armed groups “DNR” seized the unmanned aerial vehicle of OSCE observers. Observers tried to launch drone to monitor probable shelling of Donetsk filtration station, but the militants sent them weapons, and seized the drone. After that, one of the separatists opened fire near a patrol of SMM.