In the NSDC decision to abandon force protection of the Crimea is a betrayal and collaboration – Chornovil

Former MP Taras Chornovil believes that the transcript of the meeting of the Council of national security and defence, which refused to force the protection of the Crimea, next to the General confusion there are obvious signs of betrayal of state interests.

He said this on air of the talk show “Right to rule” on channel 1+1.

“There is a confusion of many and I do not presume to judge them… There’s outright cheating. There is collaboration, when there was a demand Turchynov to deploy combat-ready troops, which at that time were in Western Ukraine. We do not have five thousand military were, we had 50 thousand rounds fired is agreed upon, ready to fight,” – said Chornovil.

According to the former MP, in 2014, the government should also support the Crimean Tatars.

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However, Taras Chornovil urged not to be considered traitors the Crimean Marines, because now they are defending Ukraine, Shyrokyne, and in 2014 received orders not to respond with force to the aggressor.

“They have been instructed to lay down their arms and not to answer because then someone a little changed”, concluded Chornovil.

Recall that the declassified transcript of the meeting of the national security Council on 28 February 2014 said that its members conducted a heated debate whether to impose martial law and declare war with Russia. Earlier media reported that with this initiative and was the only one who supported it, in what was then the acting President of Ukraine, one of the leaders of the political party “popular front” Oleksandr Turchynov. Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk then expressed the belief that the imposition of martial law is a Declaration of war against Russia. And Yulia Tymoshenko insisted that Crimea Putin wants to implement the Abkhazian scenario and cited the example of Saakashvili, who then “fell for his provocation and lost.”