Parliament has taken a step to change the “law Savchenko”

On the third attempt deputies voted for the government bill, which should change the so-called “law of Savchenko”. Behind it was released and was again suspected of serious crimes, many people, says the story TSN.19:30.

In the Parliament the representative of the Ministry of justice acknowledges that the formula of admission days in jail, two prison failed. It was applied to almost 40 thousand people and 11% of them already again condemned, and many other crimes are being investigated. Itself Savchenko says that the law was correct, and he had to develop the reform of the penitentiary system and law enforcement in General. At the same time, the government proposed the formula itself save, but use it only for light, not serious crimes. “The main damage law Savchenko – that suspects makes no sense to cooperate with the investigation. They are interested possible to delay the investigation, then to double, when they will be condemned,” – said the lawyer-criminologist Anna Painter.

It is on the timing of the effect focuses the author of an alternative bill Vitaly kupry. In his opinion, a government document is a veiled attempt to abolish “the law Savchenko”. But the Deputy suggests the time available to the investigation. “If the investigation was unable to fulfil the procedural rules, and keeps the person in jail, it is illegal,” – said the MP.

The correspondent TSN Valentine Goodness