In Ukraine the majority of parties do not show the real financial reports

In Ukraine 349 of officially registered parties really work and submits the financial statements 60-70, that is up to 20%.

This was stated by Director General of “Committee of voters of Ukraine” Oleksiy Koshel, UKRINFORM reported.

“If we analyze the financial reports of political parties, we see that 3/4 of the political parties submitted in declarations are actually zeros or dashes. And unfortunately, even those parties which are active on the ground. That is, in Ukraine there are about 60-70 of political parties that actually operate and serve real financial reports,” he said.

According to Koshelev, according to the NACP, officially registered in Ukraine 349 political parties, of which more than 100 have not filed financial reports.

He called for the cancellation of the certificate of the political party, if it is twice in a row had not filed financial reports to the NACP.

We will remind, NACP exposed 12 parties in the machinations of the financial statements. Among the fraudsters were, and the Communist party, which was banned in Ukraine.

Criminal violations were found at the parties: “Freedom”, national Rukh of Ukraine “Our land”, agrarian party, Communist party, “New politics”, the Party of a strong government, “Own power”, political Union “Direct action”, “Samobranka Ukrainian power”, the Party of free Democrats and “Green”.

In particular, most parties have “forgotten” about the existence of a dozen of its local cells, regional, city and district levels, but the Communists are not indicated in the report of 64 properties owned by the Central office of the party and its Poltava regional office (land, real estate (apartments, houses, rooms in buildings) and two cars 2004 model year.