Russian mercenaries shoot each other in “friendly fire” after drinking “defender of the Fatherland Day”

After the decision of the occupation command in the Donbass to give the rebels the weekend from 23 to 26 February, on the occasion of the “Day of defender of the Fatherland”, in “parts 1 (Donetsk) and 2 (Lugansk) AK armed forces” began a significant decline of military discipline.

This is reported in the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

For example, in “parts” increased the number of cases of unauthorized escape of parts, the use of alcohol and drugs, failure to comply with the orders of commanders.

“Drunkenness at the forefront led to the erroneous strikes on his troops and non-combat loss of personnel. On 24 February this year as a result of “friendly fire” was killed Lieutenant Palankin Andrei Mikhailovich, the commander of the grenade launcher platoon 6 separate motorized rifle regiment (kadievka) 2 AK armed forces and wounded private Arsenica Ilya Vladimirovich”, — stated in the message.

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Meanwhile, the queue to the forefront the “command” sent three soldiers-Muslims, 7 separate mechanized infantry brigade (Bryanka) 2 AK because of the constant refusal to do chores (washing floors, toilets, etc.).

“Officers 9 private infantry assault Marines (Novoazovsk) 1 AK of the armed forces, fearing for his own life, under various pretexts avoid of stay with personnel at the forefront at night. For failure to comply with orders for duty on the front lines as of February 25 of this year arrested seven officers of the regiment,” added the intelligence.

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In addition, Gur announced the extension of the cases of crimes committed by officers of the armed forces for their own enrichment.

“The audit Commission 1 AK RAO service 9 private infantry assault Marines (Novoazovsk) 1 AK armed forces revealed thefts of ammunition with the subsequent sale” — summed up in Hur.

Recall that the commanders of the Russian occupation forces to maintain discipline, resort to lynching, beating and direction to the forefront subordinates who refuse to obey orders.