Censorship from trump: CNN and other media have hindered the access to the briefing of the White house

Journalists from CNN, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Politico were not allowed at the briefing in the White house.

It is reported by CNN.

At the entrance to the hall, where was held the briefing, one journalist was stopped by a guard and informed that her name did not appear in the list of those present.

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump has not commented on the situation.

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The journalist of the news Agency Associated Press as a sign of solidarity boycotted the briefing. Their protest was expressed by the White house correspondents ‘ Association. Routines in the White house on Friday instead of the regular briefing was scheduled briefing “no cameras” the official representative Sean Spicer. His stream was carried out.

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We will remind that earlier the US President Donald trump called NBC TV, ABC, CBS, CNN and The New York Times enemies of the American people.

We will remind that earlier the authoritative resource on CNN turned to the team newly elected President Donald trump was asked to explain what they made a mistake when publishing your news after trump did not allow their journalist to ask a question during his first press conference.

Recall the American site BuzzFeed has startled the world by publishing a file on 35 pages, which stated that Russia has dirt on trump, and provides data on the relationship of trump with Russia and Russia’s interference in U.S. elections. Thus journalists BuzzFeed noted that the document is not confirmed.

CNN, in turn, announced on Tuesday, January 10, four representatives from the leadership of the American intelligence provided to ex-US President Barack Obama and the new President Donald Trump two-page review of the dossier, which says in particular about Russia’s intervention in the US elections and also about the dirt on trump.

At his first press conference, trump snapped of the CNN journalistwho wanted to ask a question, adding that he finds it a shame the information supposedly disseminated by CNN.