Fake and enemies of the people: trump continues to criticize the American media

US President, Donald trump continues to publicly accuse the American media, who treat him with criticism, calling them manufacturers fake news and “enemies of the people”.

About it writes UKRINFORM.

“I want you all to know that we are fighting with fake fake news. It’s a fake, fake, fake”, – said trump, likely, speaking about publications links team with representatives of the Russian government.

He blamed the media, which publish criticism against him, unfounded materials.

“A few days ago I called (those who creates them– ed.), fake web news “enemies of the people”, they are. They are enemies of the people. Because they have no sources. They would just make up news when they are not,” said trump.

The American President is convinced that his statements are constantly distorted, including such prestigious American media like CNN, NBC News, CBS News and others.

At the same time, trump said that there are “honest reporters” who perform “fantastic job” but “fake media spread lies,” so his administration “will have something to do with it.”

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We will remind that earlier the authoritative resource on CNN turned to the team newly elected President Donald trump was asked to explain what they made a mistake when publishing your news after trump did not allow their journalist to ask a question during his first press conference.

Recall the American site BuzzFeed has startled the world by publishing a file on 35 pages, which stated that Russia has dirt on trump, and provides data on the relationship of trump with Russia and Russia’s interference in U.S. elections. Thus journalists BuzzFeed noted that the document is not confirmed.

CNN, in turn, announced on Tuesday, January 10, four representatives from the leadership of the American intelligence provided to ex-US President Barack Obama and the new President Donald Trump two-page review of the dossier, which says in particular about Russia’s intervention in the US elections and also about the dirt on trump.

At his first press conference, trump snapped of the CNN journalistwho wanted to ask a question, adding that he finds it a shame the information supposedly disseminated by CNN.