“Peace plans” are growing like mushrooms after the rain – Elisha

The only peace plan to resolve the situation in Donbass is the plan of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, which is the basis of the Minsk agreements.

This was stated by Deputy head of the presidential administration Konstantin Eliseev, wrote, “112.Ukraine”.

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Deputy head of the presidential administration noted that “peace plans” are now growing like “mushrooms after rain”, and it does not preclude the emergence of a new one.

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“I think these plans are growing like mushrooms after rain, and they should remain on the conscience of those who engineer it and offers. I do not exclude that in the coming days and weeks there will be new plans. I think this is an attempt to test the reaction of the Ukrainian society, using the part of Russia, first of all, hybrid propaganda machine, quit any plans to divert attention from what is necessary to achieve a complete ceasefire in the Donbas and to start the peace process on the basis of the Minsk agreements”, – concluded Elisha.

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Formerly a well-known newspaper The New York Times reported that a week before Michael Flynn resigned from the post of adviser to the President on national security, his office was delivered a package of proposals that Ito the head of the White house Donald trump could lift sanctions against Russia. In this “peace plan” proposed to take the Crimea is leased by Russia. Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly said that the Ukrainian people’s Deputy Andriy Artemenko not authorized to represent any alternative peace plans , on behalf of Ukraine.

The radical party was excluded Artemenko from their ranks and called upon to surrender the mandate. The Deputy himself says that the representatives of the United States are addressed him.