In the US we wait until Poroshenko will come and bring them a deal – Berezovets

The President of the United States Donald trump can make a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin, if Ukraine does not offer the plan.

About it in interview to “TSN.Tyzhden” said political analyst Taras Berezovets.

According to him, the proposal to remove sanctions and “forgetting” of the Crimea were heard from Russian lobbyists in the United States since summer of 2016. And the so-called big deal (big deal) between Putin and trump almost held.

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With the resignation of presidential adviser for national security Michael Flynn, the Russian position in the US was shaken. To replace Flynn came to McMaster, who believes that with Russia it is necessary to speak only from a position of strength, not going to make any compromises.

Consequently, the risk of such a Grand bargain between the us and Russia have declined, but not disappeared completely. Now, said Berezovets, in the White house waiting for proposals from the Ukrainian authorities.

“Really expect that Poroshenko will come and bring them a deal. What would be the paragraphs of this agreement, in fact no one knows, not even in the United States. This is the raw idea. But if this proposal will not… As a rule, their foreign policy is formed within six months. It means, if Ukraine have nothing to offer, till about July, trump will have very different plans. And not the fact that our interests will be taken into account”, – said political consultant.

Berezovets also suggested the idea – quite unpopular – as Ukraine could be of interest to the United States to take her side. See more in the story Sergey Shvets in the release of “TSN.Tyzhden” on channel 1+1 on Sunday at 19:30.