The electricity tariffs are rising by almost a third. How to save on paying

March 1, in Ukraine the next wave of price increase communal. Almost 30% increase of electricity tariffs. 1 kWh will have to pay 0.90 hryvnia (in the case of consumption of 100 kWh) and 1.68 hryvnia (in the case of consumption of over 100 kW/h).

The new rates can be found in detail on the website Dnia this link.

Note that after the last price increase bills for electricity has increased disproportionately more than those percentages, which warned officials. The journalists of TSN.Week decided to find out why. Decided to explore a one-room apartment in which they live student nick Voronov. She lives on a scholarship and has yet to work.

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Energievision the girl’s apartment with vanmetre and the timer was made by an expert in the field of energy saving Svyatoslav Pavlyuk.

Explored the kettle is the most used technique in the kitchen. And once expert advice is pour water as much as I expect to drink.

Hereinafter, the devices included in the socket in the so-called “sleep mode”. For example, charging for mobile, which charges nothing, “eats” almost as much as Duhlata lamp, which is suitable for reading.

The fridge is usually half of the total electricity consumption. So if you buy, then take economy class.

Old flame of the lamp on the ceiling, the expert advised to immediately replace with LED bulbs. And from minus 90% of the cost of lighting. Replacing the other small and stylish lamps to led will give a 10-fold savings.

So the heater has tripled electricity bills. To be connected to a timer. This is the best thing for those who have a dual-zone meterthat the night thinks at a lower rate. But Nicky counter – conventional. Right! Because two-zone, he said, should be set under two conditions. You have a lot of electrical appliances – boiler, slow cooker, the dishwasher, and can make this technique worked last night, then it makes sense. If consume more electricity during the day – you should not use such a counter, because you’ll pay almost half more.

All devices – modems, computers – when you’re not home, switch off. And so penny for penny will see the result in the invoice.