The militants did not spare shells for the construction of a Ukrainian flag

The militants continue shelling across the line of contact and, in particular, fired at the Butovka mine. There the day before smashed to smithereens the old rusty vent post, a very symbolic place, which was decorated with a Ukrainian flag and a very annoying enemy, according to TSN.16:45.

The flag itself was not damaged, it was picked up by soldiers. They say that shells the terrorists for them is not spared, but none of the military from the fire were not injured, and in General this structure has long has no useful function other than holding the flag.

The Ukrainian military has taken this position in may 2015. This position seems every time I have shattered, but there are people who hang the flags again, and the terrorists again something spread even more.

In the Avdeevka today began repairing power lines – maintenance personnel in flak jackets, worked as engineers.

As you know, within over the past day killed two soldiers, one of them is under the plant.

By TSN correspondent Natalia Nagornaya