Ukraine needs defensive weapons – Klimkin

The Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin stated that Ukraine needs defensive weapons, in particular, high-tech weapons.

The head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said in interview to the newspaper “Mirror of week. Ukraine “, answering a question whether Ukraine defensive lethal weapons.

“We definitely need him. I really always say you don’t like this division – lethal and non-lethal. There is a clear concept of defensive weapons. To us it is necessary “, – said Klimkin.

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“We definitely need more high-tech weapons, we need effective cooperation with the United States and NATO in many spheres”, – said the Minister.

He also believes that this interaction today really already beginning to yield results. “And, most importantly, the reaction of our friends and colleagues, I understand: they see that the results are there,” added the Minister.

However, he added that he had the impression that people with the new us administration of President Donald trump “have clear convictions and the willingness to defend them”.

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“How will this be done from the point of view of the supply of us weapons and other issues – will work on it. Military-technical cooperation will definitely continue that the most important thing to develop, ” – said Klimkin.

Also Klimkin said about the preparation of meetings with members of the administration trump.

“We now select the date when you would rather meet at once and Tillerson, and with the newly appointed national security Advisor to the McMaster, and with the new defence Minister Mattis as there are many aspects that need to be discussed with different members of the new American administration,” – said Klimkin.

Speaking about the preparation of the meeting of the presidents of Ukraine and the USA Petro Poroshenko and Donald trump in America, the Minister noted that with this purpose you will have to make another visit to the United States, and this visit should be official.