Polite robber: “the performer” takes money from the banks Kiev and leaves workers candy

In Kiev, the man made a strange robbery of the Bank branch. In the Bank he went, without any disguise, slowly pulled out a gun and asked for money. When I got her, thanked her and left, according to TSN.16.45.

Law enforcement authorities identified him as the serial robber, who is looking for already 7 years. Feature of thief is the fact that after the deed is done, he leaves the workers with sweets or a bottle of champagne.

On account of man 13 robberies, police say, looking for so long, because the attacker is not from Kiev. And in the capital of banks is going on tour – it is rare and unpredictable.

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“He picked up banks, or in a remote part of the city, or where there were no physical security. In some cases it is several thousand dollars, several thousand, some EUR 200 thousand dollars, a few thousand hryvnia. That is, the amounts were different,” – says the employee of criminal investigation Department of GUNP in Kiev Sergei Rudenko.