Donbass “lost” 10 trucks of Putin’s “Humanos”

In the occupied territories of Lugansk and Donetsk areas broke into the Russian “humanitarian convoy” with the alleged child nutrition.

This was reported in the press center of the state border service of Ukraine.

“From 5.25 to 6.15 through Russian checkpoints “Donetsk” and “Matveev Kurgan” on entry into Ukraine proceeded 2 column the so-called “humanitarian” convoy composed of 25 cars,” – said in the message.

Border guards have also said that the Russians have once again violated the rules of cargo transportation, so the military was able to carry out visual observation without performing control functions.

In turn, the militants said on his separatist websites, “LC” arrived five trucks with “humanitarian aid” and “DNR” – 10 cars.

Currently, the whereabouts of ten other machines is unknown.

Earlier, in the anti-terrorist operation detained the “humanitarian convoy” of Akhmetov stations for militants. 36-year-old resident of Donetsk, who tried to carry the radio, is in jail.