#PancakeDay. Residents of English-speaking countries traditionally celebrated lent with pancakes

On Tuesday, February 28, in most English-speaking countries celebrate pancake Day! who else is also called Fat Tuesday or the day of Repentance.

Day pancakes are popular, particularly in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and some States of the USA.

So, the British on this day baked pancakes that are often eaten warm, sprinkled with sugar and pour the lemon juice.

Traditionally on this day there are “pancake races at 400 meters for women, bearing in their hands a hot frying pan with a pancake that ran should throw at least twice. Wins the one who manages as much time to flip the pancakes.

In addition, users actively fill their social media posts with the hashtag #PancakeDay, posting funny videos and jokes, as well as appetizing photos, showing off his culinary skills.

Happy #PancakeDay

May the fork be with you! pic.twitter.com/Qj0IS6J6oZ

— Michael Clarke (@Mr_Mike_Clarke) February 28, 2017

Happy #PancakeDay everyone! pic.twitter.com/uG9pN1Y4dt

— This Morning (@thismorning) February 28, 2017

Happy Pancake Day! #pancakeday pic.twitter.com/D0c2978KNY

— tynesidecinema (@tynesidecinema) February 28, 2017

I’m so excited to celebrate #PancakeDay that I set my alarm an hour earlier this morning.

— Paddington (@paddingtonbear) February 28, 2017

Seeing as today is #PancakeDay here are a pair of completely useless tossers. #ShroveTuesday. #Pancakes. pic.twitter.com/gIN5roT3n8

— Jamie Hough (@jmehough) February 28, 2017

If anyone’s interested this is what a rabbit with a pancake balanced on his head looks like. #Happy #PancakeDay #ShroveTuesday pic.twitter.com/GukiUaD6FO

— BLOKE vs WORLD (@blokevsworld) February 28, 2017

Sunday morning @heddonstkitchen is looking #FlippinGood ! Who’s joining the competition for the highest flip this #PancakeDay ? Gx pic.twitter.com/ocbk7SxC33

— Gordon Ramsay (@GordonRamsay) February 26, 2017

We will remind, in Ukraine since February 20 during the week continued Carnival, during which it is also customary to eat pancakes. However anthropologists point out that the carnival season in the Ukrainian lands brought the Soviet Union. Ukrainians have long been the entire week before lent prepared dumplings, especially cream cheese and sour cream, because it is already Monday of these products refused.