Klitschko said the cause of the destruction Shulyavska overpass and how it will be repaired

As at 12 o’clock movement on the Shulyavska overpass in Kyiv remains blocked, however, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko has promised that it will open today, the correspondent of TSN.

At the briefing, which the mayor gave directly to the scene of the accident, he called the cause of the collapse.

“The cause of failure is corrosion of concrete console, the movement of large vehicles,” – said Klitschko, noting that large vehicles generally will not be allowed on this overpass until you fix the interchange.

The mayor noted that the repair of the overpass will be delayed for at least a year and a half and will cost about half a billion hryvnia, which Klitschko promises to find because the building is very important.

We will remind, Klitschko ordered to dismiss his Deputy for transport and the head of solomiansky district, which imposes liability for the accident.

Experts say that the bridge is suitable for traffic, however it will narrow by half a meter (0.75 m each side).

The night before, the Shulyavska overpass partially collapsed. Klitschko, who arrived on the scene, called the preliminary cause of the collapse Shulyavska overpass. Klitschko said that the collapse of the overpass was not considered an emergency, however, was violated rules of operation. Network users laugh at the accident, which in Kiev was waiting because the building is in poor condition.

By TSN correspondent Olga Neskorozhana