“Push a fat ass. Many do not like it”, – Avakov on the initiators of its resignation

Periodically in the Verkhovna Rada there are initiatives for the resignation of Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. This week this question has been raised again and successfully failed.

“I’m not a rock and not a concrete wall. I, of course, perceive, and for me, it affects. But! I very clearly understand where I was going, and I am not a “Prim young lady” (sarcastically-ironic characteristics of female type, brought up the old aristocratic culture), and know what to do, the Minister of internal Affairs in a country at war. And while I tread on many, many legs and push a lot of fat Asses. And many do not like it and they try to answer,” – commented Arsen Avakov in an exclusive interview with the program TSN.Week.

He says that in contrast to the propaganda there is always a response to real reforms in law enforcement agencies.

“Our system is so constituted that sometimes they do and to make a point, and spend a good propaganda campaign. But for me it is important to be honest with themselves and to those who really sees the result. To make police reform irreversible before the end of the form in full National guard that we have created in 2014, and so on. To reform completely, for example, the State service for emergency situations. Soon we will announce the complete reduction and elimination of such concepts as fire inspection. When you will come to the fire inspector, not a home, and in your small stall or a small enterprise, will come and say how usually they ask appropriate money… When instead of the old garages we have new service centers – that’s what gives me the payment of all the negativity and crap that goes toward those people who are forced to make some unpopular and tough things. And such people in our country are not many and they should be protected. I don’t about myself – I can handle it”, – said the Minister.

The full interview with Arsen Avakov read on Tsna on this link.