The level of confidence in the patrol police has fallen by 20%.

The level of trust of Ukrainians to the patrol police fell by 20% from 60% at the beginning of its launch to the current 40%.

About it in exclusive interview to TSN.Week said the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

“We had a rush of admiration and adoration from the police, which at some point reached 60% level of confidence. Now it settled down to a sober everyday life – 40%. We have some more confidence in General in the police system, there is about 25%. But this is statistics”, – said Avakov.

The Minister said that “the experience of European countries and even normal in developed democracies says that where the police have the confidence of more than 50%, i.e. the majority of the population there, we will have a stable law enforcement system. I very much hope that this system we will have in the next three to five years. When these young guys we got now for the contests, will begin to take leadership positions, when you gain experience when you can’t break the machine, over which all laugh. And this situation stabiliziruemost when we stabilize the law. But this process step by step.”

Argues that for reforms in the structure of the interior Ministry needs time.

“The Ministry of the interior employs about 300 thousand people. This was a national guard, border guards, police, migration service, service centers, SES and other services. That is, in order to deploy this machine in the principal character, needs time, strategy and tactics. And we do it. Somewhere we get better, where something fails. However, I believe that we have very good momentum, if you take in three years,” says the interior Minister.

The full interview with Arsen Avakov read on Tsna on this link.