The analyst said, who even six months ago began marketing in the U.S. “peace plan” for Ukraine

Russian lobbyists in the United States began to promote “peace plan” in Ukraine in the summer of 2016, when the presidency of Barack Obama.

About it in interview to “TSN.Tyzhden” said political consultant Taras Berezovets, referring to its sources in the U.S. Congress.

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In the US we wait until Poroshenko will come and bring them a deal – Berezovets

“I heard from his interlocutors in the Congress that the Russian lobbyists are very active in government agencies – state Department, White house, Congress with these same proposals”, – said Berezovets, adding that these proposals were announced including Andrey Kostin, the Director of one of the largest Russian state banks VTB.

Moreover, the proposal of the Russians repeated the current “peace plans” that are now popping up like mushrooms after rain. All they share three main components: legalization of the Crimea, the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions, the situation on the Donbass.