Avakov asked the authority for the lifting of the blockade of the occupied Donbass

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov asked the authority for the lifting of the blockade of the occupied Donbass.

So, he called on the Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers to take appropriate decisions and to empower the bodies of internal Affairs the authority to relieve the coal blockade is deployed to the Donbass. About it reports the UNIAN.

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“I appeal to MPs: dear colleagues, to sit already need to finish, let’s make a law that every citizen of Ukraine has the right to block the railroad tracks. You don’t want such a law? No such law probably will not. Then let’s stick to the laws that are there, and let’s give those powers the law enforcement agencies to recover the situation,” — said Avakov during a special meeting with representatives of the metallurgical complex under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

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“I would ask the leaders of the ATC (anti-terrorist center), weighing all the relevant decisions of the antiterrorist center, which directs all security operations in the area of ATO, after weighing all of our megaticket, to take appropriate decisions. And we these solutions provide,” he added.

Meanwhile, the people’s Deputy semen Semenchenko in response to a request Avakov said this:

“I think by the time were Avakov would be the information that and use firearms for power protection, this would be a great reason to blame the veterans to blame the fact that they’re shooting at local residents and to take action. But the reticence of the veterans have helped such a scenario be avoided, ” he said.

In his opinion, the words of Avakov associated with the statement of the Russian representatives.

We will remind, at the Headquarters of the blockade of Donbass, said that withdrawing from the talks with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman. Activists angered by statements of the militants and the Kremlin regarding the blockade on Donbass and their ultimatums.