The court gave a “red light” company which belongs to Firtash for the work in the field of Zhytomyr region

The order of the head of RGA Korosten, Zhitomir region, on approval of plan of land for the location of mining and processing complex Stremigorodskoye Apatite-ilmenite Deposit was canceled.

A decree adopted Zhytomyr regional administrative court, and “Nashi Groshi” note that the resolution of the head of the Korosten WGA to develop a detailed plan of the land gave LLC “Rolls-Ilmenite” in October 2013.

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Thus, the location of the mining and processing complex Stremigorodskoye Apatite-ilmenite Deposit was assumed outside settlements Malinovskogo, Hacininoglu, Stremigorodskoye, Novakovsky village councils of Korosten district.

First, the customer develop a detailed plan of the field was “Rolls-Ilmenite”, but a year later this feature is moved to Korosten RGA.

In may 2015, the Chairman of Korostensky RGA issued a Directive approving a detailed plan of territories.

Subsequently, the Prosecutor addressed the court demanding to cancel it. In court the Prosecutor explained that upon approval of the document was not taken into account the development plan of the area from 1982, within the field of agricultural land entered, to change the purpose of which is prohibited by the moratorium. In addition, approval of the plan took place without public hearings in all settlements within the territory of the field.

All the arguments of the prosecution, the court rejected, except the last one.

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The court ruled that the public hearings was to provide the customer a detailed plan of the territory of Korosten RGA, or transfer these powers to local authorities of settlements that border the field.

But obligatory public hearings were held in only one village Council — Stremigorodskoye. While the other three SEL — Malinowski, Hotinski and Novakivsky, such discussions are not held. Therefore, the court declared illegal and quashed the order.

Note that OOO “Valya Ilmenite” registered in the Cyprus company “Diago enterprises limited” (“a’s diagonal Mar enterprises limited”) and PJSC “Ukrainian chemical products”, the beneficiary of firms listed Firtash.

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In addition, Group DF Firtash has informed that at the beginning of last year, the project documentation feasibility study on quarry Stremigorodskoye field passed the state examination in the enterprise “Ukrpromexport” of the Ministry of regional development, construction and housing.

“Rolls-Ilmenite” is included in the titanium business of the Group and carries out the extraction and enrichment of titanium-containing ores. The company owns the special permits for extraction of Apatite-ilmenite ore Stremigorodskoye the mine to 2032. The field with estimated reserves of 1.2 billion tons of ore is one of the largest in the world.