The movement: due to the collapse Shulyavska overpass in Kiev, part of the trolley buses will have different routes

As a result of the collapse of the Shulyavska overpass there are changes to the trolleys which move along the route № 7, 22, 27, 30,42.

About it reports a press-service KP “Kyivpastrans.”

So, the trolleybus route №7 “str Chernobyl – St. m “Shulyavskaya” extended to Vozduhoflotsky overpass.

The trolleybus route №22 “str – Airport “Kyiv” operates on two sites: from str to St. Degtyarevskaya, from the International airport “Kiev” to Industrial overpass;

Trolleybus route No. 30 “Miloslavskaya str – St. Kadetskiy gay” is moving on two sites: on the street. To Miloslavskaya str. Church on the street. Cadet guy to Industrial overpass;

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Trolleybus route No. 27 “the Railway station “Kiev-Volynsk”- metro station Petrivka” operates on two sites: St. m “Petrovka” to the Degtyarevskaya street, from the Railway station Kyiv-Volyns’kyi to Industrial overpass;

The trolleybus route №42 “St. m “lybedskaya” – Degtyarevskaya str” will go to Industrial overpass.

As a result of the collapse increased the number of cars on tram route No. 3 the street the light rail line.

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We will remind, in the autumn of 2015, it was reported that the Department of planning and architecture develops the project of reconstruction Shulyavska overpass.

As noted in the Department according to technical specification, “Kievsoyuzdorproekt” must draft a three-level interchange with the reverse distribution ring, which will take into account the needs of cyclists, and pedestrian and traffic flows are completely separated at different levels.