The state allocated $ 204 million for the treatment of Ukrainians abroad

This year the state allocated $ 204 million hryvnia for the treatment of Ukrainians abroad. These funds are too little, they are spent quickly, and to monitor the quality of treatment, and sometimes even the fate of the allocated funds is not easy, says the story TSN.19:30.

For example, money for treatment Yana Shvets was highlighted already when the child was on the mend. They were asked to divert a patient to which they were actually needed to save lives. This was done, but the reports of the Ministry of health, the amount listed as being allocated to the treatment Shvets, however, not used at all. According to the Ministry, overseas recovered, 53, 34 died, and 11 are not asked for the government-allocated funds. The money stuck in the accounts of foreign hospitals and deal with them hard – their fate is determined in each case individually. Amount appear rather big: from 80 to 600 thousand euros.

In situation you want to understand Ukrainian MPs have approved a new law on state support treatment of citizens abroad. However, politicians accuse each other of lying, lobbying and corruption, saying that some defend the interests of individual clinics, while others take kickbacks at the level of 10-40% of the cost of treatment. To solve the problem the vision the Ministry of health wants to put in a new position, developed by drew and charitable foundations.

The TSN correspondent Olga Vasilevskaya