Trump is advantageous to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons – analyst

Ukraine should insist on increasing the defense budget, which she isolated US.

This opinion in an interview with TSN.Week was expressed by the political strategist Taras Berezovets.

“Ukraine received $ 350 million – the latest increase from Obama. But, for comparison, Israel has $ 28 billion in aid annually. These figures are not comparable”, he said.

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The analyst said, who even six months ago began marketing in the U.S. “peace plan” for Ukraine

Americans would be beneficial to increase the budget, and even to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons, said Berezovets.

“It is beneficial to Trump, because all of these orders (weapons – ed.) will go to American defense corporations. That is, they are from the state budget to Finance their arms Corporation, and the weapons will go to Ukraine. This is a normal condition for trump. And he will understand,” explained the analyst.