Under the Gorlovka in the evening dusk, the militants attacked the positions of ATO forces

In the morning, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the village of the Luhansk on the arc Svetlodarsk. They were victims of a mortar attack by militants, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Journalists received a video activity forces “DNR” with the best. The military, which removed it, said the beginning of hostilities and called on the comrades-in-arms wear body armor. Official information about the state of Affairs under Gorlovka yet.

The General situation on the frontline remains tense. In the sector of Mariupol Pro-Russian mercenaries do not stop thrash from artillery and tanks. Civilian casualties, however the Water on agribusiness damaged equipment and facilities.

Cease fighting in the town, where the enemy has released more than a hundred mines and a hundred times beat from the tank. Under tank fire hit nearby and the mine Butovka.