“The mission I have fully complied with”: Gontareva commented on the upcoming retirement

The head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva, around which spread the rumors about the resignation, said he was not going to be in the National Bank.

She said this in an interview with UKRINFORM.

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“I never said that I will work with the Central Bank life. I believe that his mission is completely fulfilled. First, the country moved to a flexible exchange rate and the beginning of the new monetary policy of inflation targeting. Secondly, we have cleared the banking system from insolvent banks and strengthen its sustainability for the future. And we did a complete transformation of the National Bank into a powerful modern institution, rebuilding all processes. So I will take a time to rest and really wanted to spend it with my family. So far, I don’t even want to think about a new job, and then we’ll see”, — said Gontareva to the question about his plans after retirement, regardless of when it happens.

At the same time, hontareva said that the rallies and discredit her in the media linked to reforms that started her team.

“As you know, we withdrew from the market many banks that engaged in illegal activity, has installed a new transparent rules common to all. It is clear that many do not like it… And what do we see? Only who is at risk to start these reforms immediately starts a campaign to discredit the rallies, the smear campaign in the media and everything else. In NBU, my team and I came to do reforms, and no one promised that the path will be simple. I have once said on a similar occasion: “the Broad way of lies and run-in, and the path of truth is always narrow,” — said Gontareva.

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Gontareva also said he has invited the President of Ukraine Petro Porosanu several candidates for the position of head of the NBU.

Therefore, the question about who Gontareva sees in his place, the head of the NBU said: “the Immutability of the chosen path – the key to the success of our country and support of our international partners. For financial markets the sequence is important and not politicized, technocratic. This position must work a true professional, a banker, a technocrat, not a politician. This is my vision, I have proposed several candidates of his successor. But the choice, of course, for the President. I’m sure a really decent nominee will head the Central Bank.”

We will remind, before mass media reported that the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva if finally decided to quit. According to reports, Gontareva wants to retire and this is already like told President Petro Poroshenko at the end of January, when came from vacation. She also spoke about her dismissal and the managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde in mid-February, when he flew to the United States. Reported it and his deputies.

Itself Gontareva in an interview with various media do not reject the possibility of his resignation.

And in late February , the NBU denies rumors of resignation Gontareva.