The leadership of the national Bank will be checked for involvement in withdrawal abroad billion – Sytnik

The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine is investigating the case of excretion of commercial banks billion hryvnia abroad. The funds they received from the national Bank as refinancing loans. NABU already raided the Bank, where this remedial action is not resisted, but rather have provided all the documents. Now waiting for a response to requests from abroad. Also polls almost the entire leadership of the national Bank to find out the legality of the withdrawal outside the territory of Ukraine and the possible involvement of top managers of the regulator.

This was a live broadcast of the program TSN.Week told the Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine Sytnyk.

One of the most notorious events in the history of the Bureau – searches in the NBU, which is still run by a man with the special confidence of the President. What you’re looking for? Some of the risks involved? How many persons appear in the investigation?

– Honestly, not convinced that this is the first time being searched at this facility. And I can not say that this is the most high-profile case to be investigated by the NAB. At the same time, I would like to explain, since a lot of requests for these procedural actions. We already have several months of criminal proceedings where it appears the leadership of the National Bank of Ukraine and is connected with the expenditure of funds allocated to a number of commercial banks on refinancing, and the legality of spending of these funds, involvement in illegal expenditure of these funds is the subject of an investigation.

As for the search, do this procedure was a search, but when we started this investigative action, in fact there was no resistance. What is interesting for the detectives, the documents that we planned to withdraw, they were voluntarily given to employees of the National Bank. Now they are detectives.

The last two weeks to investigate joined the National police. And now a group of detectives and a group of employees of the National police continue to work on this case.

– How many people generally appears in this case?

– In order to tell the exact number of people who appear in this case, also is working on the recovery of materials from abroad, because most of the funds that were issued as a refinancing of, or transferred to offshore companies or foreign banks.

– Found respect, Valeria Gontareva and Deputy Catherine Rozhkova with Russian banks?

– I’m still on this question I will not answer. I the subject of the investigation said. That is, we check the legality of spending of refinancing, involvement in the process of management of the National Bank of Ukraine.

– What are the possible damages?

It’s billions.

– You see the opportunity to bring this matter to an end? Or do believe that the scale of losses, the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva could know nothing? And responsible only to her Vice?

– No, we’re not talking about specific officials. We’re talking about that in any case, such huge (financial) flows (a conclusion of money abroad) can not do without the participation of the management of the National Bank. Therefore, almost all the user will be checked for involvement in these activities.

Recall, searches in the national Bank staff NABOO held on March 29. Then Sytnik declared that the criminal proceedings for the management of the NBU. The leadership of the regulator cooperated with the investigation and provided the necessary documents.

According to NABU, officials of the NBU acted in the interests of third parties – has helped several commercial banks. From informal sources it became known that the searches were held in the office of the Deputy head of the national Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova, and the case itself may be associated with the state refinancing Bank “platinum”.

“This may be due to the personalities of the Rozhkova, which could act in favour of certain financiers of Russian origin, since it worked for the Kaufman”, – said the people’s Deputy Igor Lutsenko.

However, he also voiced another version – on the legality of the termination of the activities of several commercial banks.