From trollface to stoned Fox. Most popular memes of the Internet

With the development of the world wide web users are finding new methods of communication. One of the most original ways of information exchange have now become memes – viral ironic and witty drawings, photos and pictures.

Birthday of the master Creator of the world wide web Tim Berners-Lee (8 June 1955), Dnia decided to recall the most popular and crazy memes that captured both foreign and domestic users.

1. Troll and rageface

These funny, seemingly drawn by a child faces surf the Internet, since 2008. Millions of users today use them when creating demotivators, or as comments to posts to Express a variety of emotions – from happiness and emotion, to grief and embarrassment. Originally these images were created for a simple comic comic on various forums. But due to its simplicity, clearly transmitting feelings, they soon became recognizable for any user. For example, what “trollface”, easy to see why too – the face everyone knows.

2. Memes from the movie

Travolta confused. 20 years after the release of the cult film by Quentin Tarantino “pulp fiction” Internet users have given new life to the character Vincent VEGA in the film played by John Travolta. Only a few seconds of doubt and confusion in the performance of Travolta today is very organically fit in frames other popular movies, and current news videos or just a symbolic situation.

The Great Gatsby. Very much like Internet users in the frame with actor Leonardo DiCaprio from the movie “the Great Gatsby”. With different signatures, this picture is used for illustration, or cynicism, or sarcasm, or humor on the brink of a foul.

You cannot just take and… Frame with the character Boromir together with the first part of its cruise quotes from the film “the Lord of the rings” today is one of the most recognizable memes. However, few people remember that in the film, he said, “One does not simply walk into Mordor”. That is, “you can’t just log in Mordor”.

Internet users have become accustomed to finish the sentence Boromir differently, depending on which process or event they want to make fun of.

Meme about Karl. Not all know how Internet trolls have taken pictures with a boy in a big hat and his crying father. This meme originated from a post-apocalyptic American TV series “the Walking dead”. In fact, according to the original story in these pictures there’s nothing funny. After all, they depicted the moment when the protagonist of the series, Rick realizes that his wife died in childbirth, and then he starts crying and screaming, and his son, Carl, being in shock, just standing and silent.

For the first time on the episode started to laugh when in 2013 he appeared on YouTube in the rewired version and titled “Rick finds out that his son Carl is gay”.

But really, Carl became a meme with the filing of the American edition of Buzzfeed, which posted the material “19 the best father’s jokes from Rick”. Then was the beginning of all demotivators with the boy in the hat.

Facepalm or rukalitso. If you came across on the Internet with terribly stupid or incompetent material, this picture is without words will help to convey to the author of the publication all your senses. With his head down covering his face with his hand very clearly explains any – “you are a very very good reason it did.” This gesture has become particularly popular in the execution of the captain of the American TV series “Star trek” (Star Track).

3. Memes with real people

Girl-disaster. In 2007, photographer Dave Roth while walking with his daughter Zoe saw the training of firefighters and the background specially set fire to homes captured his daughter.

The resulting photo after uploading in the social network under the name “the Arsonist”, which instantly became an Internet meme. Zoe’s face users remember you devastating natural disasters, accidents and catastrophes.

Sasha Fokin. Scored on the Internet and the Ukrainian boy Sasha. The teenager appeared in a TV show on one of the Ukrainian channels, in which computer 11-year-old Sasha have removed all the favorite games. It is the reaction of the hero to the tragic loss and formed the basis of the meme. Now it is used when someone loses something very important to virtual life.


Yao Ming. The image of the Chinese basketball player Yao Minh became a famous meme thanks to an interesting expression, which was fixed by the cameras. Yao Ming Face is used in the Network as a response to foolish words or to demonstrate their contempt.

Sad Keanu. Actor Keanu Reeves was the victim of fotogalerij after a successful snapshot of the paparazzi. Photographers caught the actor in the Park, when he was sitting on a bench with a pie in hand. The actor looked pretty sad, but this is precisely its appearance in hundreds of photoshopped pics got photos of him one of the most famous memes in the Network.


A Cheerful Leo. Picture of actor Leonardo DiCaprio, which is widespread on the street and highly unnatural waving his hands, appeared during the filming of the picture “the Beginning.” The photo instantly went viral today and was the victim of a thousand photoshopped pics. Happy the actor has been on the moon, saved from the Titanic and visited all the situations where his happy smile was totally inappropriate.


Putin on horseback. Not spared the fate of the victim of photoshopped pics and Russian President Vladimir Putin. His naked torso, which he “light” on horseback, was the reason for the emergence of hundreds of funny memes.


Girl with soap bubbles. The little girl in the yellow raincoat, which is funny running around with soap bubbles, became the heroine of the Internet space in 2009. Since only one she didn’t run away from bears, explosions and dinosaurs.


What kid? The history of this funny meme which is used to Express a complete lack of understanding, not less epic than the expression of the hero. A famous meme became a screen with educational videos for children on proper use of the toilet.

A successful child. Photo of little Sammy, who holds a fist in the sand, intending to eat them, users have turned into a meme – a symbol of success. Gesture of the baby was perceived as a manifestation of the power of nature and began to use the value of the successful settlement of certain cases. It should be noted that the world popularity thanks to Sammy meme helped him to collect money for operation for my father.

4. Memes with animals

It should be noted that users Express on the Internet their opinion not only through cinematic frames and funny cartoon. Often the stars of the Network, and later known meme, become animals. Due to the special facial expression or a good photo, smaller brothers manages to portray a range of emotions, from sarcasm to surprise.

“Grumpy cat”. In particular, among the most famous animals among users can be called “Angry cat” (Grumpy Cat). Image angry cat, which owes its popularity occlusion is most often used to Express frustration or complete indifference to anything. It should be noted that the cat became a “meme of the year” in 2013.

“Lemur”. Equally popular was the meme with the lemurs, who encourages all to preserve the “sagaseta”.

“Dog-podozrevala”. With the advent of memes on the world wide web has been popular also dogs that they suspect. Heroes meme become quadruped with narrowed eyes.

“Johnny Catsville”. Cheerful frame, who later became a famous meme, it was made by the owner of a cat quite by accident while playing with the animal. However, after entering the Network fluffy became a “blogger” allegedly photographed on a background of interesting events.

“Stoned Fox”. A separate item worth remembering Fox – not a very good job Taxidermist Adele Morse, who became very popular in the CIS countries, reminding its kind of sad addict.