Car for 2 million, holiday in the UAE and cash in the yen: the most interesting in the declarations of the Ministers of the Cabinet

This year, the electronic Declaration was accompanied by scandal after scandal. In addition to resonant changes in the law with regards to the Declaration of the state leaders of anticorruption organizations, before April 1, the deadline for filing the electronic Declaration system of the NACP began to fail. The website repeatedly hang, what part of about 700 thousand Ukrainian civil servants and employees of state agencies could not normally submit an electronic Declaration of income.

The head of the NACP Natalia Korchak, who also had problems with the online submission of the Declaration, said that the website was slow due to the large number of visits. In addition, she warned that late filing of returns, the liability will be borne by the Ukrainians themselves. And then because of the numerous “failures” in the work of the NACP, including delays in the verification of declarations, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman advised Korczak to resign.

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Who will come out and who lost: how has the income of the Ukrainian Ministers during the year. Infographics

One way or another, but the Ministers of the Cabinet, before the first of April I managed to submit their Declaration of income. Dnia is the most interesting of the new e-declarations of the presidents of the ministries.


Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman in this year declared that more overall revenue than any other representative Cabinet — 15 893 393 UAH (including interest in “Oshchadbank”, submitted to the change in the Declaration).

At the same time his wife, Helen of 2016 is declared the income in the amount of 1 573 042 UAH, mainly due to entrepreneurial activities.

In this case, Groisman has little confidence in the local currency: cash Premier holds 308 thousand UAH, thus occupying only 8 place in the list of Cabinet members that retain a national currency in cash. Groisman also holds cash 40 thousand.

However, compared to the Ministers, the accounts, including in “PrivatBank”, the Prime Minister holds more torque, namely, a total amount of UAH 18 475 051. Groisman also a leader in storage banks in the currency among Ministers — 477 227 Euro (1st place) and 802 807 USD. (3rd place). Note that currency, the Prime Minister keeps in “Oshchadbank” and “PrivatBank”.

Volodymyr Groysman

Despite the fact that in 2016 revenue, increased by more than UAH 14 million compared with year 2015, the Prime Minister did not rush to purchase a new car. Elena Groysman still recorded elite Volkswagen Touareg 2011 release for 801 041 UAH.

Speaking of real estate, in 2016 year, there were two of land in Vinnytsia region area 2091 sq m and 1088 sq m as a result of division of plot 5923 sq. m.

As for the unusual expenditures in e-Declaration Groysman specified flight “Kiev-NY-Kiev” to the value of 232 253 UAH.


E-the Declaration of the interior Minister Arsen Avakov, since last year was memorable for numerous collections of paintings, wines, chess, records, coins and stamps, as well as a list of coats, written on Avakov’s wife Inna, jewelry and even black diamond 4.85 BLK DEA.

This year Ukraine was surprised by the two companies in Cyprus (the Minister is also the ultimate beneficial owner of the company Ulisse Management Limited and LLC Fontana Management Limited), a large savings in banks in the national currency and maintenance of cash into a new (Ministerial declarations) currencies canadian dollar and Japanese yen.

So, for 2016 Avakov declared 964 944 UAH in Bank accounts, ranking second in the list of Ministers who are trusted to keep the hryvnia banks, after Groisman. In addition, Avakov has assets in precious metals to 200 thousand UAH. At the same time, Inna Avakov in the “Oshchadbank” holds more than 1 million UAH, and another 220 thousand dollars.

Arsen Avakov

Cash Avakov holds only 15 thousand UAH. From currency Minister at the hands of a 65 thousand Euro, 12.8 thousand USD, 870 £ 3015 canadian dollars. and 96 thousand yen.

With regard to the total income of the Minister of internal Affairs for the year 2016, it is almost 1.2 million less than the previous year Declaration — 488 921 UAH, however, this did not prevent Avakov to be in the top ten of the Ministers with the highest level of income.

Meanwhile, Arsen Avakov, as appears from his Declaration, owns corporate rights in LLC Avitalia s.r.l. (Italy), the cost in monetary terms to UAH 8.8 million with 100% of the capital and LLC “Trust Company Avakov” (Ukraine) to UAH 205 478 with 99.9% of the capital, however, are in the process of liquidation.

Special attention to electronic Declaration, the heads of the interior Ministry attracts enough clear copyright 2015. In its description stated the following: “a Script in the form of a backpack, with newspaper clippings: a Sad story about the Deputy capsules.anterograde, which, together with blocking and Stolyarova, Russia earns money by false (value of 2 billion rubles, or UAH 1)”. Also in the Declaration it is specified that the value of the asset at the time of occurrence — 1 UAH.


On wife, Inna Avakov, which for 2016 earned 302 188 UAH, recorded 5 furs, including a sable fur, Astrakhan and mink, and 10 jewelry including brands Graff, and Cartier.

Another interesting point: in the Declaration of 2015 the head of the MIA were listed 13 firms his wife, however, in return for the 2016 none are mentioned.