The possibility of supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine considered in both houses of the US Congress – Senator

The issue of granting Ukraine lethal weapons and non-lethal military assistance now being discussed in both houses of Congress, as well as at the level of the us administration.

This was stated by us Senator Rob Portman, writes UKRINFORM.

He noticed that lethal aid is needed to ensure that Ukraine can better defend itself. Portman added that the administration also receives signals that they discuss these opportunities.

In addition, he said, congressional discussions regarding the U.S. presence in the region, as well as relatively “more powerful and coordinated effort in opposition to Russian propaganda and disinformation”, including on the situation in Ukraine.

The American legislator reminded of Senate hearings held yesterday with the participation of the EU Ambassador to the US, which confirmed the EU’s intention to maintain the sanctions against Russia for its aggression in Ukraine.

The Senator stressed the importance of “unity of action between the US and EU to attract Russia to account for its violation of the Minsk agreements, the Budapest Memorandum and other international norms and agreements”.

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Trump is advantageous to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons – analyst

We will remind, the Supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Curtis, Scaparrotti said in favor of granting Ukraine lethal weapons.

“They (Ukrainian military – ed) opposed to the so-called separatists, who are actually Russian puppets. Russia is supplying them with lethal weapons and also experiencing there are some new military methods. We need to strengthen the Ukrainian armed forces as much as possible,” he said at a hearing in the Senate Committee on armed forces.

In early March, the House of representatives of the Congress of the United States of America supported the allocation of $ 150 million in military support to Ukraine. The funds will be available for the Pentagon to provide Ukraine with military support, including, in particular, the provision of lethal weapons of a defensive nature, and equipment, logistics support, intelligence support of the Ukrainian army and national security forces, the training of personnel of the Ukrainian armed forces and the like.