The residents of hostels will be free to privatize housing

Residents of dormitories who live there for more than five years, will be free to privatize housing.

The relevant law after the proposals of the President adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, transfers “Ukrainian truth”.

The law specifically provides that the dwelling must be single (to stay in the same room or should one person, or family). Also the building should be owned by the United territorial community, that is transferred from enterprises. A resident of the hostel or his family must have a special warrant, under which there were settled, and resided there the tenancy agreement.

The right to apply to the privatization of premises in dormitories, built in Soviet times, state funds (including at the expense of state and collective enterprises and organizations) and which have been included in the authorized capital (funds) economic societies and other organizations created in the process of privatization (corporatization) of former state or municipal enterprises, including those that were later transferred to the Charter capital of other legal entities or disposed of in any other way.

In Ukraine the right to privatize housing in the dorms can make use of half a million Ukrainians who live there.

Earlier the Cabinet of Ministers has simplified the redevelopment of flats – no permissions needed.