Near the Sand mine flew into the dugout with the paratroopers, a sniper shot military cheeks

The military on the front lines in the Sand show fresh traces of the so-called “truce”: the shafts of mines which before flew straight into the dugout. Only by some miracle this has not led to losses among the personnel, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“Fresh, in oil,” demonstrate the shard fighters. “Here we were sitting cook him in his ear with a splinter boomed a bit. The ear does not otrvali – normal. And here guy departed – luck. Purely a lucky guy,” explained one of the troopers. The military explained that the militants shot and work from a distance of 3-4 kilometers very accurately. In addition to heavy weapons are bugged snipers.

Recently came under fire four defenders of the village. Through heavy fire a wounded young boy could not evacuate, so saved directly in the trench. “There was so much blood that it was unclear cheek there or not. Thought jaw blown off,” admitted the nurse. 21-year-old soldier and the bullet passed through both cheeks. The boy is alive and his father is glad that the bullet didn’t hit no eyes, no brain. “The cm over there, over here… Another phone call that we need to be vigilant that the “peace time”, – says the father of a wounded soldier Orestes.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska