Russian officers are being driven out of the ranks of “DNR” for drugs and alcohol – exploration

Russian officers are excluded from “services” in terrorist “DNR” for the use of alcohol and drugs.

It is reported by the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense Facebook.

Now the militants will conduct in-depth medical check of the command structure and identification among the Russian officers, alcohol and drug addicts.

As of April 13, according to the results of the audit removed from the performance of their duties, several Russian officers of the regiment.

The reason for this decision was the growth of offenses in the territory of the occupied Donbas caused by the Russian military due to use of alcohol and drugs.

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Recall that nand Donbass prone to alcoholism and drug addiction fighters sent to the front. Through the ads output and the prevention of offences associated with alcohol consumption, the military is prone to alcoholism and drug addiction were sent to the forefront.

The decision was taken under the pretext of strengthening.